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We believe the future of the arts and entertainment in the country lies in us empowering the next generation of remarkable young storytellers. SautiPlus Media Hub following the themes of Reach A Hand Uganda and its partners is sharing a call of interest in filmmaking under its Young Filmmakers Fellowship Program which culminates with an award at the ikons Awards: Film and Television Gala night under the Best Emerging Film.


This opportunity is designed to target young, passionate, enthusiastic and emerging filmmakers interested in filmmaking and the film industry.


10 young filmmakers will be supported with a $500 grant each to produce a 5 - 10 minutes short film and also provided with mentorship from more experienced filmmakers under one of the following thematic areas:


  1. HIV/AIDS (Spread, Prevention, Positive Living and Stigma)
  2. Teenage Pregnancy
  3. Climate Action (Effects of climate change, Resilience to effects of climate change)
  4. Sexual Gender Based Violence (Sexual harrasment, Rape, Defilement, and Domestic Violence)
  5. Family Planning (Safe Abortion, Unsafe Abortion and Post - Abortion Care)
  6. Menstrual Health/Hygiene
  7. Gender (Gender Roles, Gender Equity, Relationships)

Interested applicants will be requested to submit their short film proposals under any genre of the applicant's choice via email: with the subject: “YFFP - Name of Applicant - Story Theme

  • Logline: One sentence summary of the story (no more than 30 words).
  • Plotline: Clearly highlight the narrative sequence of events for all key plot points from beginning to end.
  • Character Bios: Share profile of not more than 3 main key characters (Consider their goals, needs, desires and weaknesses)
  • Mood-board: Picture collage that gives us a glimpse on how your film will look like in terms of cinematography and production design, mood, and tone.

Upon completion, submitted films will be publicised and put up for voting which will contribute 30% to the total award vote and 70% will be awarded by the Ikons Awards Film and Television Guild.

A $20,000 grant will be awarded to the winner of the Young Filmmaker Fellowship Program which will be used to support production for a feature film in 2023.

Please note: All participants under this program will benefit from the final award prize as they will take on various roles under the feature film project.

  • To skill and nurture the next generation of creative talent with hands-on experience technically required within the film and TV industry in Uganda.
  • To identify emerging creative talent and provide them an opportunity to showcase their craft with the right mentorship and training.
  • To build a strong working relationship with film schools and film enthusiast spaces within Uganda.
  • To create a film fund to support the creation of film and TV content locally within Uganda.
  • $5000 grant to support 10 young filmmakers with each receiving $500 towards production support for their short films. A grand prize of $20,000 will be awarded to the finalist to support their feature filmmaking process which will be the next course of action for all finalists and participants in the program.
  • Mentorship. Every young filmmaker under the program will be assigned a professional and more experienced filmmaking mentor to guide them through their filmmaking journey on this project.
  • All young filmmakers participating in this program will be given the opportunity to have their films showcased on SautiPlus TV and interviews across different media outlets.
  • You are a Ugandan citizen or resident based in Uganda.

  • You are a passionate filmmaker starting out on your film journey with a desire to tell authentic Ugandan stories.


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